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Windows Application
To accommodate the customer’s particular preferences and expectations, especially critical functions, that is, in most of the cases, not covered in the “of-the-shelf” packages, we offer developing custom software solutions.

Solution: Printing Solutions
Language: VC++, C#, VBA
Web Solution
As the market is loaded with many solutions to serve various business demands, our service is centered around defining the real problem and requirements and picking up the correct solution, which is the essential milestone in achieving a better ecosystem of an enterprise.

Solution: Medical Solutions
Language: PHP, JAVA, C#
Mobile Solution
To either expand your user base, or to enrich your enterprise tools, handheld and mobile devices are the targets that many businesses invest in as they are becoming the mostly used devices in doing online and daily tasks.

Solution: GPS Solutions
Platform: Android, iPhone


CTMS – Today’s solution for tomorrow’s pilots

Pilot Check is a software solution to build, schedule, fill in, monitor and analyze pilots’ proficiency check forms, stands as a modern and efficient alternative to paper based documents. The features provided through the Web and iPad applications were closely built with airline training managers and instructors, taking into consideration their day to day tasks, always keeping in mind the goal of reaching trainings best outcomes.
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Synaptel – Monitor and Assign Jobs from the Satellite

Synaptel Monitoring is an application that monitors and records the main communication channels used on android devices, like outgoing/incoming calls (not supported on every android devices, please contact us for actual device list), sms texts, photos, actual and event based locations.

Synaptel Workflow is an application that allows you to create tasks that can be assigned and distributed to the mobile devices in the system. If the task had been downloaded and completed (e.g. with making photos, calls and voice memos, answering forms, getting location information) by the user responsible for the device, the recorded events will be uploaded in real-time (through Wi-fi or 3G connection) to the server and can be listened, monitored and downloaded.
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Translation & Localization Services
An easy way to maximize global visibility and multiply downloads is to simply translate your mobile app, localizing it to different countries and languages.
Languages: Japanese, English, Romanian, Hungarian