Internship Program

Are you passionate about technology? Do you like to experiment and learn new things? Apply for our internship program, where you’ll have the opportunity to implement real applications with the help and guidance of the best engineers.


Learn and apply the latest technologies related to Java
Apply Java for problem solving in various fields
Study and gain in-depth knowledge of specific architecture and design principles
Develop applications for both servers and mobile devices (Android)
Become familiar with multiple development environments: Android Studio, NetBeans, Eclipse


Build Web applications using Symfony or Yii frameworks
Use version control systems such as Git
Gain in-depth knowledge of the architectural principles of modern Web applications and servers
Discover containers and micro services (Dockers, LXD)
Get to know an Agile type of project management methodology (Kanban, Scrum)


Discover development techniques for enterprise applications
Benefit from in-depth study of C++, the most used and well-known programming language Become familiar with quality control principles and techniques
Develop robust and high-performance applications.

What we offer:

Our engineers’ support
A pleasant and welcoming work environment
Opportunities for personal and professional growth

For more details, please contact us at:
Office: 0268-543-266